Not only is Athar a Design Agency, but we manage packing, storage and shipping systems for media. With over 25 years of trusted international post-sale operations and fulfillment. Including custom packing, orders and handling.   

Athar is a media design agency with total to-market strategies, great product and packaging that starts with our designer. Athar is centered around the talent of the principle Hasan (b. William Robinson). Experience, with California-USA based professionalism provides efficiency and reliability. Hasan has over 25 years of media industry packaging design experience. Which sets Athar product apart from other independent firms.

As a design house, Athar (Brand Creative) is able to keep overhead costs low, including flexible to work and in-studio appointments. When you purchase Athar products, you've partnered with a design agency, that specializes in product - package design and fulfillment.

Moving product to retail includes amazing know-how to make things happen. The word is Ajeeb, wonderful exciting and fantastic! Not only explains Athar packaging designs, but couples the total to-market experience for our products.

Art Design (Multidisciplinary)

Print Design & layout, Advertising, Magazine, Book & Graphic illustation
Broadcast Design, Communications & Information networks
Interface Design, Web and Coding platforms
Package Design for Retail and Shipping
Brand Design & Digital Marketing