Media licensing for Audio and Visual content at Athar is direct. Audio options also include direct licensing thru Harry Fox Agency (HFA) & Songfile. You can also negotiate directly with Athar via Ghadaqan Music (BMI), So Amusing (ASCAP) and Urban Sufi Music (SESAC).

All licenses include a digital lifetime of 5 years. This period can be extended by request. All license proposals, estimates, agreements, signatures and payments are conducted from the Athar client portal. To request a quote or account please visit the following form.

For advertisement based licensing Athar Identification of assets will be maintained throughout the contract and all advertisment systems, unless negotiated.

For audio auditions you will be directed to the AUX portal depending on the genre or nature of recording needed. Other audio licenses include MLC, SoundExchange and Sesac, Ascap or BMI.